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Hey now luvs!  You guys know I’m either on the move or hard at work.  I have this new site up, I’ve been working on the EP and I have a bunch of covers to some of the best new songs out for you guys to download for FREE here – YAY!!!!! lol.


But in case this is your first time here, or even if you’re here frequently, I want to share with you 3 of my current favorite covers in the acoustic series with myself and producer / guitarist Brandon Carter thus far.  So without further ado, here they go.



I love how Usher always seems to reinvent himself.  He did it her on this track.  It’s such a great mixture of pop and r&b.  The instrumental is great and we went to see how we could bring that type of energy in an acoustic version of the song.  If you look carefully, you might see me shed a tear lol, nah I kid, I kid.  But I did lose myself in the song a bit, get a little country and explore my inner Bootsy Collins because it was so well written.  I enjoyed covering this song a lot!




On Talk that Talk we wanted to see how we could completely strip the song and make it new.  We slowed it down and gave it a more passionate, sultry and soulful feel.  It is a very pretty song and this really helped bring the words out more.  It is simple, but affective.  This is one of my favorite covers because it is so unexpected.




I admire Adele’s voice so much.  I can see how she had to have surgery on her vocal chords.  This song is so packed with power and emotion!  You can’t help but put your being into this song!  All of her songs are great and she is a wonderful talent.  I just wanted to explore some of what she does with this song and add a bit of La’Rayne to it.



Check out the rest of the Acoustic Covers at www.youtube.com/LarayneMusic. You’ll even hear me rap a bit there. You can also view my vlog “Rayne Or Shine” there with behind the scenes of covers, the EP, and everything in between!  And if you don’t want to miss anything, make sure you subscribe.  There will be lots more!


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  1. Hello there, I am extremely impressed by what I heard. I am also an artist (hip hop) and i would love to do some work with you…..Have a few things in the works right now, you have my email. it would be great to hear from you. have a great one, and keep singing

  2. would like to hire for birthday party for my mothers 75th birthday
    would like to have u sing happy birthday to her>
    please call me to discuss robert 347.350.1331

  3. Nice work. I’m always looking for new artist to work with. I’m a Artist/Songwriter/Engineer/Producer/Beat maker from Pittsburgh, Pa. If your looking to make great music, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m open for collaborations if you need anything for your project including, features, bookings, production and more. Check out some of my latest material on the link to get a better feel of my style.

  4. Hi!
    Love your voice! I’m a female producer in search of a singer to record vocals on my tracks. I make EDM oriented music. Let me know if you’re available.

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