Toni Braxton “Unbreak My Heart” Larayne Cover

    I was just reminiscing to my childhood and thinking about how I grew up listening to what some would call the 3 Queens of R&B from the 90′s, Whitney, Mariah and Toni! You know I love me some Whitney and Mariah makes me want to sing everything high and then take a break […]

Rayne or Shine “Leave That in 2013″ (409)

  I don’t kick it with my homie often, but when I do – we turn up! lol Actually we are going to leave that phrase and a few other things back in 2013!  It has taken half about half a year for our schedules to work together and we made it! lol  ”Twin” and […]

Rayne Or Shine “Blueberry Lollipop” (408)

    January started off on a very busy note.  I had a wedding booked with my homeboy “Baby Usher” aka Shawn and we took some time out for a session to rehearse for the lovely occasion.  In the middle of a quick break I took a second to let you guys in on our […]


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